I think I need to change the premise of this blog... :-)

So I wanted to tell you guys something you may not know about me... I'm a total geek. Theatre, media, art, music, animation, comics... you name something geeky and I have an unhealthy obsession with it. One of the geekiest things I've gotten into is video games. When I was probably 15 (maybe younger, I'm not sure) I was introduced to the world of Warcraft (Not WOW, just the regular kind that you can actually beat and move on with your life) and Diablo. I spent WAY too much time on these games as a kid, and I loved playing the Rogue on Diablo. I wanted to look like her so much that I even did an art project with my face on her body.

This is her... I loved this character so much, she was the only one that could do some real damage to other characters without touching them. The Sorcerer could do magic but he was totally weak in comparison. And he's a man, so that makes him automatically inferior. Sorry... I digress.

Another reason I loved this game was for all of the supporting characters in Tristram, the town in which the game starts. It's all very Celtic and beautiful. I know that there were other games with better graphics but I LOVED this game. The premise, as stated on Blizzard's website (the company that develops Diablo and Warcraft and the like) is:
"An unknown force of evil has swept across the land, plunging it into civil war and terrorizing the populace. A mad king, his missing son, and a mysterious archbishop are all pieces to the puzzle that faces you. You have journeyed to the source of the evil. The town of Tristram, now inhabited by only a handful of survivors. The cathedral there is built over the ruins of an ancient monastery, and now eerie lights and sounds are heard echoing through its abandoned halls."

It never failed... when I walked into a new place with new demons to defeat my heart would race like I was really there... I always got so nervous when I knew that I would be going up against a bunch of demons.

There was a drunk named Farnham that I absolutely loved to talk to, he was always really funny. To give you a few examples...

In response to asking about the poisoned water supply
"(scoffs) You drink water?"

In response to asking about the "Butcher"
"Big! Big cleaver killing all my friends. Couldn't stop him, had to run away, couldn't save them. Trapped in a room with so many bodies...so many friends...noooooooooo!"

Which accounts for his drinking problem I suppose...

In response to asking about Ogden the Innkeeper's missing sign)
"You know what I think? Somebody took that sign, and they gonna want lots of money for it. If I was Ogden... and I'm not, but if I was... I'd just buy a new sign with some pretty drawing on it. Maybe a nice mug of ale or a piece of cheese..."

In response to asking about the Heaven Stone
"I used to have a nice ring; it was a really expensive one, with blue and green and red and silver. Don't remember what happened to it, though. I really miss that ring..."

In response to asking about the Book of the Blind
"Look here... (chuckles) That's pretty funny, huh? Get it? Blind - look here? (laughs)"

In response to asking about the Black Mushroom
"Ogden mixes a mean Black Mushroom, but I get sick if I drink that. Listen, listen... Here's the secret - MODERATION IS THE KEY!"

In response to asking about the Anvil of Fury
"Griswold can't sell his anvil. What will he do then? And I'd be angry too if someone took my anvil!"

In response to asking about the Warlord of Blood
"Always you gotta talk about blood? What about flowers, and sunshine, and that pretty girl that brings the drinks. Listen here, friend - you're obsessive, you know that?"

In response to asking about Lachdanan
"Lachdanan is dead. Everybody knows that, and you can't fool me into thinking any other way. You can't talk to the dead. I know!"

In response to asking about the Chamber of Bone
"Okay, so listen. There's this Chamber of Wood, see. And his wife, you know - her - tells the tree... cause you gotta wait. Then I says, that might work against him, but if you think I'm gonna pay for this... You... uh... yeah."

In response to asking about the Archbishop Lazarus
"They stab, then bite, then they're all around you. Liar! Liar! They're all dead! Dead! Do you hear me? They just keep falling and falling... their blood spilling out all over the floor... All his fault...(groans)"

Now obviously some of these quotes are funnier than others but I find them all entertaining. And he's staggering drunk, so he slurs his words and everything.

The reason for writing this blog post was to express how pumped I am that they're releasing Diablo III soon! Oh it looks GORGEOUS!! Check it out:

Alright... I'm done boring you with my geekiness now. :-) Thanks for reading!

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