Nunsense Auditions at CLO!!

Alright, I know I JUST posted the blog about Vanities but I have some more news for all of you... I have an audition for Nunsense at CLO in Pittsburgh!! I don't know if anything will come of this but I've got to try. My friend Ted told me that the contract for the CLO Cabaret is really good and that I should try for this one as well because it's a good opportunity. Now, on top of choosing songs, I have to learn a monologue for the audition as well. That shouldn't be a problem, more than anything I need to make sure that my songs are appropriate for this kind of audition since it's a comedy. I'm pretty set on Sally's Coat Hanger speech from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown but I'm thinking that I should maybe sing something from Annie, Get Your Gun or Oklahoma since the part I'm going for has a country solo. Then have one song that isn't country at all, just to show off my range. I had actually started to think that I had emailed too late and that I didn't have an audition and then I got the email saying that I have an audition at 8:30 on Sunday January 31st!! This is perfect because I'll have time to rest up from the shenanigans of the last night of the Liberty Cabaret and make it down to Pittsburgh in plenty of time for the audition. OH this is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, I'm so excited!

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