Liberty Cabaret photos and stories!

Alright guys, so I told you that I would post on Saturday how the show went but Friday night wiped me out until about 5pm the next day (and I'm just not feeling 100% healthy right now) so I thought that I would post some pictures and stories from this weekend. All of the pictures on this post were taken by the wonderful Stephen West of West PA Magazine. Click on any of the photos to see a larger version of the image. Click Here for their website! The first photo is our cast photo... its so fun!

From left to right we have Bill Hennessey, Peg Hennessy, Bret Sloan, Janelle Chambers, Kristen Criado (back at the piano), Tammi Dahl (back at the piano), Rosie Petulla, Ted Smith, Carissa McClintock, Marc Ellis Holland, Me (Katie Kirby-Rogers) and Bryon Gable. How pretty are we? :-)

This is the same basic premise as the last shot but with us acting "candid". Cute stuff!

This is Bret Sloan singing the first verse of the opening number "Cabaret". I just adore this boy, everyone does. He has a beautiful voice.

This is a picture of the entire cast on our ending pose of "Cabaret". Unfortunately that's just pop or water in those glasses. :-) We have a lot of fun with that number. It's truly an ensemble piece.

How cute are these two? Janelle Chambers sang "I Could Have Danced All Night" and at the end Bret came in and sang with her. Notice that she's barefoot? She kicks her shoes off to "dance" and at the end Bret picks them up for her and follows her offstage! SOO cute.

More pictures of Janelle and Bret. In the number where she has the parasol, she sang "Let Me Entertain You".

This is the fabulous Marc Ellis Holland... the single most talented person I've ever met. He's a Broadway veteran and we just adore him. He sang "Very Soft Shoes".


The gorgeous Miss Ginger Watkins. She was the star of the evening... I mean, just look at those legs!! Isn't Marc just gorgeous as a woman? I mean, seriously. She sang "Ladies Who Lunch".

Ted Smith, Marc's husband and our fantastic director. He sang "From This Moment On" from Kiss Me Kate. Such a scene stealer, that one. :-)

The baby of our group, Carissa McClintock singing "Being Alive" from Company. I've known this girl for years and I just adore her.

Oh, Rosie. I've known Rosie since 1994 when I was in my first show at the Barrow. She sang "Funny Valentine". She's about the cutest thing in the world when she sings. So much joy!

This is Bill and Peg Hennessey. They have to be one of the cutest married couples I know. They both love performing so much and their rendition of "Timeless to Me" from Hairspray was so much fun!

Finally we have Bryon and me... get ready for it...

We sang "Dangerous Game" from Jekyll & Hyde. It was a great song and I'm SO proud of the work we put into it. The responses have been nothing but positive. This is just the first half of the show, however, so when Stephen posts more I will post and link the rest of them. Both nights of the show went exceedingly well. The audience had a blast and so did we. A lot of audiences don't realize that their reactions can make or break a show. If the energy from the audience is down or if they don't respond much then the cast loses steam and the show drags. Our audiences have been wonderful!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures and please subscribe to West PA Magazine if you can. It's a fabulous little magazine and it supports local area businesses.

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