Liberty Cabaret Update!

So yesterday went exceedingly well. After some initial akwardness with our original movements for Dangerous Game, Bryon and I started working on actual blocking instead of what we had been doing and it seemed to just fall into place from there. When we showed it to our directors, they all agreed that the blocking was super intense and that it was perfect for the feeling of the song. Tammi tweaked it a little bit, simplifying our movements so that they didn't distract from our voices and once we implemented her notes it was great. They all seem to have the same frame of mind with this song: it's sexy. Bryon and I are finally getting really excited about this song.

Another fun thing that happened last night is that, because I don't have anything besides the finale in Act 2, they're having me sing At Last by Etta James in the second act. I'm so excited because I love that song and I've always wanted to perform it but I've never had the opportunity to do so. So it looks like I'll be posting three videos on here once I have them. :-) I'll keep updating on this as it goes along... a week from tonight we open!

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